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Water quality monitoring and control

Water quality monitoring and control

MERKUR offers the most comprehensive approach to water quality: water treatment and system control.

Its research and development department, integrated and composed of specialist in chemistry and water treatment, innovates, designs and tests its products in compliance with European and environmental standards. This allows the company to patent and guarantee the quality of its products.

MERKUR wishes to bring value-added technical solutions to professionals and individuals.


The smart complement of your condensing boiler:

  • 3 solutions to protect your investment.
  • Metal particles removal return heating network
  • Compliancing condensate purges to the network.


Your facilities simple solution for equipment protection

  • Filtration of 300 at 30,000 l / h.
  • Long-lasting washable filter.
  • Translucent bowl with visual control.
  • Purge cleaning without disassembly.
merkur product
Certified products

Certified products

We always offer quality products for the purpose of:

  • Protect your installations,
  • Improve your comfort,
  • Contribute to your well-being,
  • Guarantee your safety and limit energy consumption related to water in the house

All our products comply with current legislation: they are certified CE and ACS (Certificate of Conformity Sanitary).

Merkur Catalog


Catalog Merkur

Merkur Catalog


Catalog Merkur

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