Our professionnal brands Bathroom Therapy

Creator of contemporary well-being

Creator of contemporary well-being

Bathroom Therapy is a brand bathroom design for the well-being

The materials soft to the touch and of quality, the pure lines, the soft curves, the practical and comfortable forms, allow to awake your senses and to be in harmony with yourself. Bathroom Therapy, the choice to reinvent itself every day.

MATARA Recharging

Tomorrow Bathroom combining nature and technology

  • The facades are gently curved to create an enveloping atmosphere.
  • The vanity plan rounds out in the corners to follow the curve of the furniture.
  • The stylish grip integrates itself naturally in the design of the facade.
  • The all-wood interior evokes the outdoor walks and natural resources elements.
  • Drawers are wide and tall for easier storage of all objects.
MATARA Recharging

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Catalogue en ligne Bathroom Therapy

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