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FIXOCONNECT, the leading brand on the hydrocable market

FIXOCONNECT, the leading brand on the hydrocable market

In plumbing, water systems must be installed in a minimum of time for maximum reliability. Our multilayer pipes and fittings solutions and PER, guaranteeing a great ease of implementation. With FIXOPLAC you will save valuable time to connect your faucets.
FIXOCONNECT is a set of solutions for professionals that guarantees a quick and easy installation of plumbing in the house. Time is money !

Faucet fixing solution FIXOPLAC

The FIXOPLAC fitting range has been specially designed to quickly and easily connect any plumbing fixture to standard or honeycomb plasterboard. Available in multiple versions, the range can be used for all applications: shower taps, bath / shower, washing machines, Sink / Washbasin, WC, shower heads. To use in connection P.E.R. or Multilayer our range is also declined in straight connections or and cranked. 5 minutes is enough to install a FIXOPLAC.

Faucet fixing solution FIXOPLAC

Innovative connections quick to install

The complete MULTILAYER solution for professionals

  • Range width of Ø16 or Ø75
  • U - TH - H multiprofile fittings
  • PE-Xb / Al / PE-Xb tubes
  • Fittings with anti-leak system
  • Stock available and fast delivery on the whole range

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Catalogue en ligne FixoConnect

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